mini QQM3

is minimized (personal) version of QQM3 device suitable for prompt testing of
"condition" of spinning machines in operation.

This device allows to find problematic points and quick
"orientation laboratory analysis"

1. prompt orientation CV measuring
on yarn length of 10 m a pilot determination of yarn count

2. prompt analysis on specific yarn length (10 - 300 meters )
- CV%, U%, IPI, yarn count

- perfect for technologists, service technicians, cleaning columns
- low weight, small dimension, "AA" battery operated,

mini QQM hardware consists of:
sensor QQM3
computer PsionWA,
replacement charging batteries

effective range: 5 - 200 tex ( 118-3 Ne )
yarn speed 2 - 300 m per min

net weight: 550 g
gross weight: 1330 g
case dimension: 220 x 280 x 80 mm

QQM3 -