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Quick Quality MeasuringQQM.cz

... problems with quality of yarn?
Quick Quality Measuring 


Get next sigma to your spinning production !
Assure that your spinning mills are able to produce yarn of required quality. QQM tester can discover the potential problem – before the mill really produces the low grade yarn

 Non - destructive, easy - to - use device for all spinning mills
Providing a test happens through optical sampling without extra manipulation in the path of yarn - simple application of the probe of portable device. Automatic calibration enables representative measurement for all spindles. Only 10 second cycle sufficient for evaluation of the yarn quality produced by each rotor spindle.


Open the way to Total Production Maintenance !
QQM4 does not only discover that spinning quality tends to descrease – can give you also the idea what could be the reason for this tendency. Usualy, if this tendency is already discovered, you have time to decide about the maintenance action without immediate break of spinning process.


How does it work ?
The QQM4 tester is able to carry out a real sigma analysis: within a short test cycle it scans enough values of yarn to perform the calculation of standard deviation of yarn thickness. Based on this, the software of the tester evaluates whether the parameters of yarn are within required range – and also how close are they to the limits. These are adjustable according to customer´s needs. Excess of adjusted limit is indicated at probe on - line and status of all spindles is displayed on the screen of the computer unit. Moreover, the data can be sent into PC, where they are for disposal in the whole LAN of company.


What can you win with QQM ?

  • claim decrease
  • stabile quality
  • higher mill´s capability utilization rate
  • decrease in needs of raplacement parts
  • maintenance capacity saving



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