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  these web-sites describe the problems of spun yarn quality  measuring and evaluation using methods and equipment developed by VÚB a.s.


VUB a.s.  (Usti nad Orlici, Czech Republic , Europe )

VUB a.s. (VUB Co.Ltd. - Cotton industry Reseach Institute ) is a legal successor of the original national enterprise which was established in 1949. VUB Ústí nad Orlicí is known in the textile world as a company with long-years experience and tradition in the field of textiles and textile machinery. Within last 30 years a lot of important innovations - e.g. OE rotor spinning technology, multi-phase weaving technology - have come to the textile world just from this place..... more


VUB a.s.
Na Ostrove 1165
562 23 Usti nad Orlici

tel: +420 465 552 250


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